11 Tips For Following A Plant-Based Diet


Vegan and plant-based diets have been the talk of the town lately. And although they can both help you lose weight and feel healthy, those aren’t the only reasons to consider making these lifestyle changes. Plant-based diets aren’t just for dropping some unwanted weight; it takes a lot of discipline and an understanding of the environment to successfully follow this diet. You can’t just jump in — you need help and time! Here are 11 tips you need to know for following a plant-based diet:

Go Slow

Following a plant-based diet takes discipline and time. It’s not fair to yourself, or your body, to 100% replace the current food you eat with plant-based foods. Give yourself time and start slow. I recommend swapping things out every now and again. For example, switch tofu with chicken. When you’re baking, use a banana instead of butter. These small changes will gradually help you become better adjusted to a plant-based diet. Don’t rush yourself!

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