Vegetarian versions of your Thanksgiving Favorites that are Perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner


Vegetarians seem to have trouble around Thanksgiving ( Christmas too.) It seems that most food items or recipes call for some sort of meat or broth that is meat based, but I have good news for Vegetarians and their families. You can make some amazingly delicious vegetarian style dishes that everyone will love that replace some of your Thanksgiving meatier favorites.

Although Thanksgiving has already passed, this just gives you plenty of time to plan for next year! Not to mention, with Christmas coming up, it may be a good idea to start getting ideas for your plant-based dinners.

Here is a list that you won’t be disappointed with.

Pumpkin Pot Pie

Pumpkin Pot Pie instead of Chicken Pot Pie is number one on this list because once you try it you may never go back to Chicken Pot Pie again. It’s the classic you love with a sweet-savory flavor with roasted pumpkins, carrots, and kale. If you’re interested in making this tasty veggie substitute, go here for the recipe.

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