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The Worst Things You Can Eat Before Bed


We all know that occasionally the idea of a midnight snack can be tempting; and for some foods, it really doesn’t matter whether you eat them right before bed or not. In fact, there are some foods that will actually help you start feeling the effects of sleep.

On the other hand, however, there are also those foods that you should attempt to stray far away from right before bed. Whether it’s because of the risk of a serious amount of weight gain from eating them or because you will find yourself staying wide awake rather than falling asleep; you will find that these foods have more negative effects than good.

Dark Chocolate

It is often said that it is actually healthy to have at least one piece of dark chocolate today, but if you are taking this information to heart; it’s best to plan when you eat it wisely.

Dark chocolate is a high source of caffeine, so ingesting some right before bed can have you more awake than anything else. It also can lead to the feeling of having your heart race because of the theobromine, that comes from the cacao plant.


Candy, in general, is something you want to stay away from; but this is notably true at night. The high sugar levels in all candy may not keep us awake, but with what it does do to our sleep patterns may make you wish it did.

Ingesting sugar right before falling asleep, can be an immense cause for nightmares. The sugar messes with our brainwaves which ends up turning our active imaginations into a horrifying place.


This may be surprising, a lot of people have come to believe that turkey is one of the biggest sleep aids out there especially when paired with a huge Thanksgiving dinner; however, this isn’t true.

What makes everyone so sleeping is the gigantic meal at Thanksgiving, not turkey, in fact, the turkey itself will more than likely keep you awake. This is because of the high amounts of protein the turkey contains. This protein is giving your body energy and telling your brain that it wants to get up and move.

Red Meat

Red meats like steak, briskets, or hamburger should be off limits too. While it can end up making you feel tired after eating it, especially if you have eaten a lot, red meat is so packed full with meat and proteins that it will end up causing your body to work overtime.

Meat takes a good while to digest, so, instead of having a restful sleep with all of your insides relaxed and at peace, your digestive system will still be working.

Ice Cream

Ice cream seems to be a very popular late night snack, it’s quick to get, comforting, and tasty; unfortunately, it’s also very fatty and filled with sugar.

So, obviously from our past listings, this is probably one of the worst foods you can eat before bed. Nightmares on top of fat storage and an overly-active mind. Is it worth it? A good answer would probably be, just eat it directly after dinner and don’t wait until too late.


With a mix of the carbohydrates of the crust, as well as all the toppings, and the acidic-based tomato sauce; your stomach will probably end up working all night while you’re attempting to sleep if you eat pizza too late.

The carbohydrates will turn into sugar which will store itself in your body, the cheese is also fatty, and the tomato sauce may end up causing heartburn, especially if you lay down too quickly after eating.

Spicy Foods

This one may be obvious, but just in case, try and stay away from spicy foods before bed. Heartburn and indigestion are just waiting to make your acquaintance which will keep you tossing and turning all night long.


Other than the obvious reason of having bad breath, just like with spicy food Garlic can be a huge problem with heartburn, and upset stomachs. It can cause acid reflux and have you feeling the heat all night long, as well as having to deal with garlic-breath on top of that.


Now, while celery might not be on the same level of bad that these other foods are, there’s still a reason that you may want to avoid eating any before going to sleep.

Celery is full of water, which can be a direct cause of constant waking throughout the night, as you’ll need to use the bathroom. This is also a reason that many find themselves avoiding water before sleeping.


Drinking a ton of alcohol before bed will probably knock you out, but, it really isn’t a high quality sleep that you will be getting. Your liver will continue to work throughout the night in an attempt to get the alcohol out of your system so you may find yourself being constantly woken up by your working liver and racing heart.

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