The USA’s Most Popular Jelly Bean Flavors


As a kid, I must admit that I used to love Jelly Beans. When Harry Potter came out and then they had Bertie Botts I was sold on every weird flavor you could think of. I didn’t even mind if I got the flavor ear wax. I think most of us in our adult lives still find Jelly Beans nostalgic or associated with Easter, but the truth of the matter is Jelly Beans are sold all year long.

So, it got me questioning, since my favorite Jelly Bean has always been the Buttered Popcorn Jelly Beans, what is the most popular Jelly Bean in the USA? I think this list of the most popular Jelly Beans will surprise you, but it will also Surprise you as to where they are the most popular. The Jelly Bean company even has a Jelly Bean Map of the USA. Crazy, isn’t it?

Buttered Popcorn

The number one Jelly Bean flavor is Buttered Popcorn. Not a surprise to me because this is my number one favorite Jelly Bean of all time. However, a lot of people have told me the idea of Buttered Popcorn being a candy flavor is just odd. To those people, I will say this: HA, HA. The results are in, and Butter Popcorn reigns supreme out of the thousands of flavors available.

States that love this flavor: Michigan, California, Arizona, Ohio, New York, Connecticut, Virginia, Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, and Missouri.

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