The Healthiest Starches You Can Eat and Why


Starches have gained a bad rap for themselves over the past decade; most people think starches are not only bad for you, but make you gain a ton of weight. While there may be a good guideline here that says moderation is the key to life, in general, there are some starches that are super healthy and that you should be integrating into your everyday diet!

Don’t listen to the Neigh-Sayers and low carb fanatics that say “all starches are bad for you,” this is simply not the case! So, what are the healthiest starches and why are they healthier than the other starches? I’m glad you’re curious! Here they are:

Beans and Lentils

Beans and lentils are not only delicious and starchy but downright good for you! They are high in fiber and a rich plant-based protein that we could all eat more of. While most low-carb diets ban starches or deter them many times, beans and lentils are ruled as an exception. It’s more than likely because of the protein level and antioxidants found within beans and lentils that we all could use more of. Whether you’re trying to stay healthy or become healthy, eating beans and lentils are always a good choice. Physicians and nutritionists agree that legumes, beans, and lentils are all great for upping your metabolic rate. So don’t fear the starch, eat the beans!

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