The Healthiest Peanut Butters on the Market


Peanut butter isn’t just a satisfying treat, it can also be a very healthy treat, packed with protein, this is an awesome item to have after a workout. Some gym buffs eat a spoonful after every work out to help their muscles.

It’s packed with not only protein but good fats that will help your cravings stay satiated for longer, so, you won’t be grabbing that Snickers bar or something else more fattening. However, peanut butter which has long been a part of our beloved childhood also recognized as PB and J, has gotten a bad rep and it’s not because peanut butter isn’t inherently bad for you. It’s because there are BRANDS of peanut butter that are not only terrible for you but have become popular over the years.

So, if you’re looking for a way to make your favorite childhood snack healthier or you’re looking for a healthy brand of peanut butter for the bevy of recipes you can make with this wholesome ingredient, then you’re in the right place.

Keep reading because these are the healthiest brands of peanut butter on the market.

Adams Peanut Butter

Adams peanut butter isn’t popular yet, but it should be! Adams peanut butter is one of the healthiest brands you can get your hands on. There are a variety of choices for peanut butter that the brand prides themselves on, but you can choose from things like organic, unsalted, and no-stir options.

Now, because they have many options you would think this would automatically make this a top brand, but the fact is it is a very healthy peanut butter. Which means it’s not as sweet as the peanut butter you remember eating as a child. I highly recommend you try their peanut butter, but be wary of the no-stir one they have. The no-stir has palm oil in it and while that doesn’t seem so bad it contains vegetable monoglycerides that are not so healthy for you. Still, if you’re looking to check out Adams peanut butter go here.

You won’t be disappointed.

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