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The Cooking Secrets Chefs Live By


Cooking is a learned trait. Ask any chef and they’ll tell you, they didn’t come out of the womb knowing how to perfectly marinate chicken. They were taught. And they practiced…and practiced…and practiced some more until they became proficient in their craft. In order to cook like a chef, you need to follow the same rules. Unfortunately, chefs don’t typically like to share their secrets (they’d be pretty much out of business if they did). But luckily, we have the information anyway. Here are 12 cooking secrets chef’s live by (and probably don’t want you to know):

Always Taste Your Food Before You Serve

Even if you’ve made a meal a thousand and one times, you should always taste it before you serve. Ingredients can get confusing — you could add too much salt or maybe not enough salt. Taking a quick taste of your food will allow you to revamp something if needed before your guests indulge.

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