The Best Gluten Free Crackers of 2018


Gluten-free signs can be seen all over stores, restaurants, and labels; Whether you’re thinking about trying a gluten-free diet or have a serious gluten intolerance or disease like Celiac disease, you need to try out these crackers.

These have been labeled the best gluten-free crackers of 2018 and let me tell you, since gluten-free became a huge dietary concern for the general public, or became trendy for diets, the crackers have gotten tastier with each passing year. These are just the best of the gluten-free crackers you need to try. I’m sure in 2019 we will have different brands and different flavors, but for now, these crackers are the bee’s knees.


Saffron Road Crackers:

Saffron Road has always been a reliable brand for organic and non-GMO food items. They make these fantastic crackers out of lentils, and while I have always enjoyed their plain lentil crackers with some hummus or cheese, their Rosemary Herb flavor has blown away my taste buds.

Not only has it blown away my taste buds but many other people’s taste buds as well, because it has become one of the top-selling brands of gluten-free crackers for 2018. It also has some of the highest reviews for any cracker in 2018. So, get on the health train and give these a try. Go here to buy them.

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