Restaurant Chains You Didn’t Know Offered Mobile Ordering


Snapchat. Bluetooth. Self-driving cars. Technology has brought us a lot over the last few years. And while these technological advances are great and all, nothing beats one amazing tech goodie: Mobile ordering! Being able to avoid the usual restaurant lines and order food through an app is an absolute game changer. If you can avoid standing in the rush hour lunch line at a restaurant, why wouldn’t you?! Exactly. Now, hurry up and pick up your phone so you can download some of these amazing restaurant apps!

Here are 10 restaurant favorites that offer mobile ordering apps that’ll completely change your life: 


The drive-thru line at McDonald’s can be insane! And although going inside seems like an easy solution, who the heck wants to do that when they’re in a rush (or too lazy to get out of the car)? McDonald’s mobile ordering app doesn’t just allow you to order food, it also lets you choose whether you want to pick that food up inside the restaurant or have it delivered to your car. Yup, you can pull up curbside and have your Mickey D’s brought to you. What a time to be alive!

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