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Packaged Snacks That Are Healthy


It can be hard to find the time to eat healthily. Trust me I know. Between work and family obligations it seems like you can never make time for yourself to eat healthily or to cook something healthy you can take on the go while you run your errands or head to work.

While some snacks are fairly quick to make you still have to think about the clean up afterward and if it’s safe to take on your morning commute. There are so many factors involved that get in the way of us trying to succeed and be healthy in life it’s amazing we can do what we do at all. So when it comes to packaged snacks I’m a little weary.

Why am I weary? Well, companies have figured out that by marketing something as healthy they can make more money even if it isn’t. So they legally fudge their labels as much as they possibly can. If you actually read the labels of some so-called “healthy” snacks you realize they are filled with sugar and other undesirable ingredients that can actually cause weight gain or worse health issues.

Now, I know it’s much easier to grab the packaged items, but you really have to pay attention to every little thing in the packaged item before you actually buy it which also takes time. So I decided I would share with you some healthy snacks I have discovered that are packaged. Obviously, if you have allergies or other conditions you should still read the back of these labels but these are probably the healthiest packaged snacks on the market!


1. Dole’s Wildly Nutritious Mixed Berries

This snack is jam-packed with antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C. Not only is it easy to take on the go or when you’re traveling, but it’s about as healthy as you’re going to get for a packaged item. 1 cup which is 1 serving size of the product is 70 calories it has 0 fat, 0 protein, 0 sodium and 17 grams carbohydrates. So while it’s a little high on the carbohydrates that are common for dried fruit and is nothing to worry too much about. Unless you’re on a super low carb diet this is a great healthy snack!

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