Millennial Guide: The Perfect Morning Routine


You don’t have to be a health blogger, (or a Kardashian,) to have a solid morning routine. You can be anyone — even a millennial…on a budget. Starting your day off with the right products and schedule doesn’t have to cost a ton of money or take up a ton of time. Here’s a carefully created morning routine for the everyday millennial:

#1: Stretch & Breathe

Don’t just wake up in the morning and jump out of bed. Give yourself a moment to breathe and relax before you start the day. Don’t reach for your phone! Just lay flat on your bed and stretch your limbs out. Roll your ankles and move your neck from side to side. Breathe and take a second to reflect on the day ahead. What do you have to do today? What do you want to accomplish? This should only take a couple of minutes…MAX. Don’t lay in bed for too long!

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