How To Detox Without Juicing Or Missing Any Meals


Whether you’re still recovering from that Thanksgiving turkey or you just can’t seem to stop snacking on holiday cookies, you’re probably feeling a little rundown and sluggish from all this holiday food. Worry not! There are things you can do to detox your body (before that Christmas dinner feast) to help you feel better. After all, you should be able to enjoy this holiday season without feeling bloated.

Here are a few ways to detox your body without skipping any meals or drinking any green juice:

Get Rid Of Trigger Foods

What are trigger foods? They’re foods that not only hurt your digestive system but also cause you to eat other foods that make you feel worse. For example, eating sugary foods will make you want even more sugary foods.

You don’t have to 100% eliminate sugar, caffeine, and other trigger foods. Simply reduce your intake so you avoid addiction and an upset stomach.

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