Historical Restaurants You Need to Visit in the Nation


Historical eateries line the USA. You may not realize it, but your favorite tavern down the street could be the oldest restaurant in the USA. It could be that George Washington or other historical figures ate where you dine every day, but you wouldn’t know it. Many Americans pass by the historical and traditional, instead opting for corporate restaurants like IHOP or TGIF instead of “mom and pop” places. If that’s you, then be warned that this article may not be for you.

This article is for those who enjoy delicious food and have a love for history. These are the historical restaurants of America you need to be eating at or put on your bucket list.

The Bright Star

In Alabama, there is this amazing restaurant called The Bright Star and it has been the brightest star among Alabamians since 1907! The stars did fall on Alabama and landed directly in the food here, making it extra delicious. This is a Mediterranean style café and it was started by Greek immigrants; you can’t get much more authentic than that!

They still use the same recipes they have been whipping up since 1907. Be sure to stop by and grab a bite of their famous snapper. It’s to die for. Plus, you’re in an extremely old restaurant where you know plenty of other stars have been to over the years.

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