Here’s Your Ticket To The Best Bloody Marys This Ski Season


There’s something about a Bloody Mary that makes a day on the slopes feel complete.  Not to mention, they hold a special power of easing inner-tensions.

A well made Bloody Mary delivers a slight head buzz, which supplies a confidence boost to your slope skills. Not only that, but just one can do the trick. After all, you don’t want to be the goof who falls off the ski lift; nor do you want to end up on a black diamond when you should be on the bunny hill. That’s just embarrassing.

Since a Bloody Mary is a solid staple amongst skiers, you might as well make it count. And no; watered down tomato juice with a shriveled up olive won’t cut it. That’s a big, tsk-tsk, and we just won’t have it!

We’re talking rich, full-bodied, sense-stimulating flavors, with toppings that rise above the rest. You’re looking for excitement with every sip, and these locations provide just that.

Here is your guide to some of the best Bloody Mary spots in some of the most poppin’ ski towns.

Breckenridge, CO: Angel’s Hollow

There’s no wrong way to go within Breck unless you’re heading in the opposite direction. This town is something special and just makes you feel at home. The people are fabulous and the atmosphere holds a constant array of fun. So, it’s no wonder they’re coming in hot on the list of Best Bloody Mary’s.

Located right in town, Angel’s Hollow holds a welcoming and epic atmosphere. Their bloodys are full of satisfying flavors and stacked past the brim with an assembly line of toppings. Oh, and the finishing touch is a G.I. Joe. Pretty awesome, right? I told you Breck is fun.

If you’re looking for a drink with all the right flavors, that doubles as a filling snack; this is your ticket right here. It will fuel you to perfection.

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