Healthy Low Carb Recipes that are YUMMY!


So many times we think of health food as the enemy of our taste buds. We picture disgusting powder drinks or our least favorite vegetable in the world. The truth is eating healthy and low carb doesn’t have to be boring or even disgusting. It can be delicious. In fact, even if you’re not trying to be healthy or work low carb into your diet these recipes are tasty enough to make you want to eat them again and again. Here are some of the crowd pleasers I have found on my own journey for healthy low carb and even at times gluten-free eating.

Low Carb Broccoli Cheesy Breadsticks

The reason why these are a crowd pleaser is pretty obvious. One, most people love cheese and these are extremely cheesy. Two, they are low carb and you’re getting a lot of health benefits from the broccoli which is a cancer fighter as well. Three, if you have a friend who has Celiac disease these are, must make because they are also gluten-free! I liken this to a broccoli cheese soup version of a breadstick. In short, it’s easy to make and delicious.

Get the recipe here

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