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Healthier Choices for Halloween Treats


It’s Halloween, or, it’s the season of candy if you don’t celebrate Halloween. Still, we can’t help ourselves and neither can our children. They want all those delicious candies now! They want all good cookies, and Halloween inspired cakes as well. October is basically a sweets bonanza month!

So, what can we do to stay in season, keep our cravings in a good space, and still enjoy a sweet treat without putting on the weight or getting the awful unhealthy side effects from eating sweets? Well, you should know that there are some healthier treats that you can make this Halloween season or season of the candy (as I jokingly call it) that aren’t so bad for you. Everything in moderation, of course!


This one may not be a sweet treat, but it is a treat that’s healthier than candies. This one puts a spin on your grilled cheese. The Jack-O-Lantern inspired grilled cheese is your regular grilled cheese, but on the top piece of bread you carve out the spooky-styled face that you would put on a traditional Jack-O-Lantern.

Oh, and don’t forget to make the sandwich round like a pumpkin! While this may seem a bit silly, it will get the kids and even some adults into the mood of the season without all the unwanted calories or sugar.

If you wanted to make it sweet, you could use peanut butter and jelly in place of the cheese. To make the PB and J Jack-O-Lantern extra healthy, make sure you use no sugar added organic peanut butter and/or jelly and/or jam.

If you find yourself having trouble with the Jack-O-Lantern shapes; try using triangle-shaped cookie cutters!

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