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Halloween Cakes that You Need to See to Believe!


Halloween is a fabulous time of the year. There are tons of parties of people getting together for horror movie marathons, bonfires, dress up get-togethers, pumpkin patches, haunted hayrides, and so much more! However, Halloween is also known as one of the top holidays for sweet treats! Candies and caramel apples are just scratching the surface of the available Halloween goodies that can be considered the things of nightmares or dreams; depending on who you are and what it is of course!

Well, recently there has been a trend to make the coolest looking cakes for parties and for your family during the holidays. I partially blame Food Network for this, but I also partially thank them, because some of the cake decorations that have come out for Halloween are positively breathtaking!


Ghostly Design:

This Pumpkin and Devil’s Food Cake’s ghostly design is one of my favorite examples of a great and simple Halloween inspired cake. This has little ghosts on the top made of meringue! How creative are these cute little things atop a decadent cake? The other great thing about this cake is the flavors the baker chose to create such a beautiful masterpiece.

The pumpkin and devil’s food is perfect for a spooky Halloween treat. It’s simple, elegant and very spooky, indeed. Get the recipe here and learn how to do the ghosts for yourself.

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