Food Trends of 2018


2018 will shortly be coming to an end. We have laughed and cried over the past year, but most of all, we have shared food with friends, family, and not to mention, ourselves. We have curled up to the television set with our own bowl of homemade ice cream or other treats and indulged our life through our taste buds.

We have shared so many recipes with friends on social media and in person, but as we look back and reflect on this year, what were the big food trends of 2018? Do you know? Will some of these surprise you? Maybe. However, I think that you will find them to be right in line with what you have been doing all year long when it comes to food.

Check it out and see if you have tried any of these 2018 food trends. If you haven’t don’t worry because there is still time to get on the bandwagon!

Gut-Friendly Foods

Gut-friendly foods have been one of the biggest trends this year. From probiotics to doing things like fermenting or pickling foods and even drinks. Super drinks with kefir, probiotics, garlic, kimchi, and more have been on the rise.

They say that these types of drinks and foods help promote gut health and let your body digest food better. This, in turn, gives you more nutrients and gets rid of any bad bacteria in the gut. Have you tried a probiotic drink this year?

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