Don’t Miss the Food and Wine Classic In Aspen Colorado


If you have ever heard of the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen Colorado, you know it’s a big deal. It’s also Aspen’s version of their kick-off to Summer. Picture a whole festival type setting in the gorgeous city of Aspen with amazing world class dishes made for you by celebrity chefs, culinary experts and amazing wines by world-renowned winemakers from around the globe!

Now the only downside to this event is if you’re looking for a family event this is not for you. This Food and Wine Classic is only for those who are 21 and older due to all the liquor around. You cannot bring a baby or any infants into the event, because of the 21 and older rule. So be sure if you’re considering going to this amazing event that you have a babysitter. This is an event you don’t want to miss so even if you have to call up a friend to watch them or a grandparent it is well worth it.

What does the Aspen Food and Wine Classic have for you? What’s so enticing about this particular event? Well, I’m glad you asked. Well, first off if you paid attention to my first paragraph I said there would be a ton of Celebrity Chefs there! Andrew Zimmerman the man who goes around the world eating odd, but delicious cultural food is going to be there cooking up a storm. Then there are famous chefs like Hugh Acheson, Anne Burrell, and Ming Tsai just to name a few. So if you’re a foodie or a fan of the Food Network that this is something you should be extremely excited about. You get to see some of your favorite celebrity chefs up close and personal. For all the chefs that are going to be a part of the classic go to this link here.

What drinks will be available at this event? Well simple. There are going to be the top wines and beers from around the nation exhibited at the event. There will also be tips on how to drink certain wines or what foods to pair them with. The wine tastings are one of the biggest attractions to the festival because there is such an assortment of perfected wines. There will be other spirits there as well, but they usually like to announce those later on or surprise people each year who are coming to the exhibits. There may be some wine-based cocktails that will be unlike anything you have ever tasted! On top of the wine, beer and spirit tastings there will be food tastings!

Food tastings are a part of what the event calls “Grand Tastings”. The food is brought to you from the minds of the celebrity chefs. They will even have seminars on how to make the foods you are tasting. These are some food demonstrations that every foodie will surely drool over. For instance some of the events are extremely unique and you may want to get there early for the events like 412 Lexus Presents: Coffee Bean Meets Cuisine, 601 Paella: Spain’s Greatest Party Food, 108 Spanish Wines for Millionaires, 608 Baller Wines: Meatball and Wine Pairings, and 709 Blind Tasting with the Masters.

Now you’re probably wondering what will a ticket to this grand foodie and wine lover event in the middle of downtown Aspen cost me? It will cost you about 1,700 to get into this event. It’s pricey but well worth it. It’s basically the refined food and wine version of Coachella. If you’re interested in purchasing tickets go here

For seminar information please go to this link here

Now after every Aspen Food and Wine Classic event there is a Farewell tasting you can add on for $150.00. This is well worth it because it’s your last meal at the event and it’s absolutely delicious! Filled with items made by the best chefs and culinary experts in the world. This once in a lifetime experience has said to be the pinnacle of the event and the best way to end your wonderful food and wine journey. For more information on this Farewell meal and purchasing tickets go here

The Aspen Food and Wine event runs from June 15th, 2018 until June 17th, 2018. So be sure to get your tickets now and plan for an amazing foodie experience unlike any other. I promise it will be well worth the money spent! YUM!


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