An Edible Centerpiece Is Exactly What You Need This Winter


Two really awesome things about a dinner party are appetizers and amusing centerpieces. Appetizers are a no-brainer because they’re normally finger foods you can keep snacking on while you’re socializing. They act as conversation starters and definitely inspire compliments to the host. To be totally honest, even if it’s a simple spread of cheese and crackers, most people are pretty thankful to lay their eyes and hands on some pre-dinner snacks. There’s hardly any way to go wrong; unless of course, you don’t have any at all. Party fail! No one wants a party fail.

Centerpieces, on the other hand, are a great focal point and can be put together in so many diverse ways. They also act as a conversation starter, while stirring up some of their own unique compliments to the host. It’s the magic piece of the table that brings an ordinary tabletop to something very picture worthy. Even something as simple as a few candles can really make a difference when it comes to visual appeal. Now we’re talking.

So, it comes as no surprise, when you combine the two together; you have yourself an automatic masterpiece. It’s pure genius. Also, what a fun way to find inspiration in your table decor and appetizer combination. Your guests might not even know where to begin. “Do I eat, or do I admire?” Oh, friends; you do both. And enjoy every moment of it.

Imagine all the pops of colors and texture laid across the center of the table, the diversity and the immediate eye and appetite appeal. Your edible centerpiece may even become smaller closer to dinner time; which conveniently opens up space for larger plates, glasses, and silverware. Oh, how kind of you for clearing the table, centerpiece!

Not to mention, once dinner is served, there’s no need to get up to grab a few extra add-ons, because they’re right at arms reach. Serious convenient factor right there!

I don’t know about you, but the idea of an edible centerpiece is becoming more and more appealing by the second. And seriously, think of all the possibilities.

Now is the perfect time to gather some ideas and supplies to create the ultimate, delicious, and diverse centerpiece.

Antipasto Board

Dreams do come true. And they begin right here. There’s no way to go wrong when you’re talking antipasto. From dried fruits to fresh fruits, to rare cheeses, and a variety of olives. Add in fresh loaves of bread, with homemade olive oil dip sprinkled with freshly ground herbs. Radishes, tomatoes, and grapes, yes, please.

With the epic amount of variety; this is an automatic crowd pleaser. Take up the entire center table to create the best shock factor anyone has ever seen when it comes to a food board.

Other great variations to add in are; sorted bottles of wine, or beautiful vases filled with freshwater and sliced lemons and cucumbers. With all seriousness, when you have a centerpiece this good, there’s almost no need for dinner!

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