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Amazing Ways to Kill Your Food Cravings!


If you’re the type who knows the bothersome feeling of having cravings, especially during moments when you couldn’t be further from being hungry; then you need some tips on how to kill that feeling.

Having cravings is never a fun thing to deal with, typically cravings make you crave for a specific taste or feeling, and if you happen to have already eaten when a craving hits you; there’s a chance that you can give into it and overeat.

Overeating to satisfy your cravings is serious, especially when it comes to your waistline. Every time you give in to your cravings, especially if it’s at night, it can cause you to put on a couple of extra pounds just from not ignoring it. But, ignoring it can also be uncomfortable to deal with as well, luckily, there are other ways you can deal with cravings without officially giving into eating a whole course meal.

Here are a few of those ways.

Brush Your Teeth

The first way to help yourself out is by brushing your teeth whenever you start feeling that certain taste in your mouth.

Especially depending on the toothpaste you use, the mint taste will typically be so strong that it will end up embracing every tastebud in your mouth, and at least for a good bit, you may find your cravings on recess.

Doing this regularly also helps you keep your dental hygiene in check.


This is one of the most convenient practices you can do for yourself if you constantly deal with cravings. If you press on or pinch certain parts of your body, this can help disengage your brain from sending the signals that cause cravings.

Your earlobes, your nose, and the skin between your ear and your jaw are all places you can pinch to diffuse the want to eat something. What makes this even better is that you can do this anytime, anywhere.

There is only one issue that this practice carries and that is for pregnant women. Specific acupressure points on the body can induce labor, so, it is best to consult your doctor before attempting this.

Tapping Your Head

Just like with the acupressure points, tapping on points of your head, such as the top, your temples, or on your eyebrow line, for around thirty seconds can interrupt the signals that your brain sends which causes your cravings.

Just lightly tapping can help kill those cravings; it’s such a simple method why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?


Snack On It

Now, this may sound like a contradictive statement, however, I don’t mean to pig out whenever you get the craving. Instead, if you get a craving, especially if it is persistent, then eat only a small amount and keep it moving.

Since you aren’t hungry, you do not need to eat a whole meal; so, take only a bite or two which would be enough to satisfy your cravings, and then save the rest of the food for later when you’re actually hungry.

Find Healthier Alternatives

If the thing you’re craving is too fattening or unhealthy, or just too hard to only eat a couple of bites of; try to find a healthy alternative for it instead.

This can include yogurt instead of ice cream, popcorn instead of chips.

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