Adventure Fueling Restaurants Near Your Favorite National Parks


Food and adventure; undeniably, these are two of the most awesome things about living. They’re good on their own, or in combination. They can be enjoyed in any order and both fuel each other’s fire. They’re a constant handshake, always complimenting the other. An all-around win-win combo. Consider them a love song for all your senses.

Need to fuel up before an adventure? Food is the answer. Need to recover and indulge after an adventure? Ohhh, surprise surprise– what do you need? Food. They amplify each other and make the world a better place.

Anyone who holds a national parks pass understands the craving for exploration. Once you have one, it’s like you’ve unleashed your own adventure beast and start creating a checklist of where to go next. Anyone who loves being outdoors, hiking, and seeing new places understands it all well.

The crave for adventure is accompanied by a solid appetite. Whether you’re revisiting a national park or seeing it for the first time, it is full of over-the-top excitement. It leaves your senses full of anticipation and your appetite ready for action.

Since adventure and food go hand-in-hand, why not pair your next park visit with meals that match their thrill. It will add to your experience, create memories, and give you all the good feels.

Whether it’s before, or after a day of exploring, no one wants to sit in a restaurant with crummy vibes and bad service, let alone unsettling food. So, check out this guide as you head off to your next adventure!

Peekaboo Canyon Wood-Fired Kitchen
Kanab, UT

Nearby National Parks –

Zion, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, and Lake Powell as a bonus. Kanab is considered to be the Grand Circle; which makes sense considering it is smack dab in the middle of 4 massive adventure-seeking locations.


Food –

Wood-fired artisan pizza, the Impossible Burger, and some killer garlic bombs. They offer a variety of irresistible appetizers and their salads are larger than life. Make sure to check out their daily desserts, they’re worth every bite. They offer an impressive brunch as well, so, it’s a perfect spot whether you’re fueling up or unwinding from your adventure.

Fun Fact –

Every item on the menu is vegetarian or vegan. It’s an excellent choice for plant-based diets, but trust me, restaurant-goers who eat meat wouldn’t have the slightest clue; their food is top-notch.

Atmosphere –

As you pull in, you are greeted with an open patio, roaring fires, and sunset views. It’s located in town, so, whether you’re passing through to the next park, or staying in the area, it’s a perfectly convenient location. Every Friday night is full of seriously awesome live music and good conversations. Their service is personable and gives you that welcoming, small town feel. It’s definitely a “must-go” restaurant.

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