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7 Signs That You Need To Check Your Sugar Intake


While so many people love sweet food we also realize that it is definitely far from being good for us, this is especially true when it comes to our sugar intake.

All those soft drinks and fast food items contain an amount of sugar that’s far more than many people assume. Well, those food items are delicious, no doubt. But, in amounts more than desired, it can cause harm to you more than anything else.

Here are seven signs that you should keep an eye on, as they can be a pressing call of telling you that your sugar is too high.

Lack of energy

Sugar may provide you with instant energy. But there’s always the feeling of tiredness afterward. There is a lack of energy and lethargy throughout the day, and you may find yourself not being able to do all your necessary tasks.

Sugar cravings

This is a common sign of many sugar lovers. There is always a craving of having more and more sugar-packed food whether it’s candy, snacks, or fast food; and it never diminishes.

Many people may blame it on having a sweet tooth, but in fact, it could be a serious sign that our body is just craving the sugar because it has gotten too used to those types of foods being eaten.

Frequent colds and flu

Consuming too much sugar can weaken your immune system and its ability to fight off common flu and colds. Thus, leading to them being more frequent.

Cutting off on sugars can actually help your body restore its immune system. So, if you have been eating a lot more sugar lately, and also feeling the effects of illnesses; try taking a break on those types of foods.

Foggy brain- especially after a meal

Eating too much sugar or carbohydrates can cause a form of ‘brain fog’ or the difficulty for thoughts to register and a muggy mental state.

While this can be played off almost like a joke to people, or something to not take seriously; unfortunately you should take it much more seriously. When you encounter yourself dealing with brain fog; this is a way of your body telling you that your brain isn’t communicating properly.

If you are dealing with brain fog, this means that your neurons are not receiving the energy that they need, which is what causes the mugginess.

Not the same response to sweetness

This means that your taste buds will become receptive to a high amount of sugars, and you won’t find sweet things sweet anymore. You’ll crave for more sweetness to satisfy yourself.

The solution in such a case is to reduce your sugar intake and suffer through the short withdrawal period until your body becomes used to less sugar. This will restore the receptiveness of your taste buds, and you may find even little amount of sweet products delightful.

Skin problems

This is a general fact, and many must have experienced it. Sugar has an inflammatory effect and over-consumption of sugar can cause skin trouble. It might be the cause of your rosacea, acne, eczema, or even excessive dryness or oiliness. Or, it’s being a serious enabler for these issues to continue to stay and worsen.

Additionally, high sugar intake can harm your adrenaline levels, causing so-called adrenaline fatigue– which also leads to the creation of dark circles under the eyes.

Weight gain

This is something we all know. Sugar has nothing to offer other than just calories. They’re not something that can keep us full. It also stimulates the production and mobilization of insulin, which is in charge of carrying the sugar to the organs where it used as energy.

Too much sugar leads to too much insulin production, which in the end can create insulin resistance. This will cause the body to react only to high levels of insulin. Insulin resistance is closely associated with obesity, thus causing the frame to add weight. The worst case scenario is developing diabetes, leaving your pancreas working in overdrive all the time.

So, were these familiar to you? Have you experienced any of these? If yes, then it’s time to work on it.

If any of these signs are something you are familiar with, you should check your sugar intake.

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