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Foods Around The World That Are Banned From The U.S.


Beluga Caviar

Although nothing is necessarily wrong with the dish itself this time, the reason the U.S. has banned Beluga Caviar is to prevent the overfishing of the Beluga Sturgeon.

The Beluga Sturgeon is a critically endangered species.

Mirabelle de Lorraine Plums

If you have ever wanted to taste one of France’s Lorraine Plums, then, unfortunately, the only way you can actually be able to taste them is to fly all the way out to Meuse, France yourself.

70% of all Mirabelle Plumbs are grown in France, and due to wanting to protect the fruit’s origins, it is impossible to be able to procure the fruit anywhere other than France.

Therefore, imports of the Mirabelle de Lorraine Plums have been banned from the US.

Unpasteurized ‘Raw’ Milk

Milk is not to be sold if it has been unpasteurized and milked straight from a cow due to sanitation reasons.

However, keep in mind that unpasteurized milk is not banned everywhere, there are a few states in the US where selling it in this form is legal including Arizona, California, and Idaho among others.

In Oregon, raw goats milk is able to be sold in stores, but not raw cow’s milk.

Shark Fin

Any kind of shark fin dish would be illegal to make in the US due to the cruel method of procuring the shark’s fin. Before it was banned, many fishermen would just cut off the shark’s fin and then throw the animal back into the sea.

For the safety of the sharks, and to stop the cruel practices, hunting sharks for their fins is illegal in the US.

{ Bonus } Kinder Surprise Eggs

Although they are no longer banned in the U.S. Kinder Surprise Eggs were one of the most popular food/snack items that were banned from the U.S. because of their unique concept and the acceptability of the internet allowing Americans to see that Kinder Eggs seemed to be everywhere other than America.

Kinder eggs were banned from America since the 1930s because of regulations refusing to allow foods that have non-edible items inside of them, to prevent choking hazards.

Luckily for many fans of the treat, this ban was terminated in the year of 2017 and Kinder Surprise eggs can now be picked up at any local store.

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