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Foods Around The World That Are Banned From The U.S.


America is a country that allows for many different ideas, customs, and cultures, and this freedom befalls onto food as well.

While there are so many different types of foods that are able to be brought and shared within the U.S. producing many unique and new experiences for those who would have never been able to try them; there are also those foods that we just will not be able to try. Some foods, despite the relaxed nature of how many different foreign recipes can be brought in, have been banned from the U.S.

Perhaps this was for good reason, however, things being banned generally make the population curious.

Here is a list of food and drink that has been banned from the U.S.

Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu is literally, rotten cheese, although it’s also known as “Maggot Cheese”; If that description doesn’t put you off immediately, then hats off to you. This Italian dish is cheese produced from sheep then is placed outside for flies to lay their eggs in it.

While eating, consumers either eat the maggots that are in the cheese or remove them. It’s up to your own tastes.

So, it may not be hard to see why this type of food would be banned in the U.S.


Absinthe is a tentative subject with its legality being dependant on how exactly it’s made. Absinthe can be extremely strong alcohol and can be considered dangerous depending on the amount of a chemical called Thujone is infused into it.

Absinthe was banned in the U.S. until 2007 declining any services from selling or even creating it. However, these days it is able to be sold and created as long as the amount of Thujone is no more than 10 mg/L.

For a while, it was thought that Absinthe was toxic enough to actually cause Hallucinations, however, that has been disproven. Originally, that assumed belief was probably brought on by Absinthe that was made improperly with extra unnecessary chemicals.

Absinthe is still banned in other countries around the world.

Japanese Puffer Fish

In Japan, its name is Fugu, and this is one of the most dangerous delicacies you can try your luck with eating.

In the US it is illegal to even attempt to catch a pufferfish, nevermind serving it as a meal. It is known that if the pufferfish is prepared wrong, then it can be even more dangerous than cyanide to ingest.

This is due to the high amounts of tetrodotoxin in the fish, that, when ingested, can completely paralyze your body, preventing your ability to even breathe.

Many Asian countries continue to serve this dish with chefs that have trained for years to properly prepare the pufferfish to a non-lethal state.

Ackee Fruit

The Ackee Fruit is national to Jamaica and although the fruit is creamy and delicious, and also contain a lot of health benefits; you must make it very specifically in order to prevent getting the dangerous aspects out of it.

Before eating the Ackee Fruit, it is best to boil it and prepare it properly. If not, the fruit can lead to you falling into a coma, if not worse. This is due to the high amount of hypoglycin A and B.

Because of the risk of people not knowing how to properly handle the fruit, the U.S. has banned it.


Haggis is a food that many has heard at least once in their life, and while this dish may be common in Europe, Scotland especially, this dish is banned in not only the U.S. but Canada as well.

The reason for the sheep pudding’s ban is due to the high presence of sheep lung in the dish. The U.S. refuses any foods that contain any form of lungs due to the risk of stomach acid or phlegm moving into the lungs during slaughter.

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