12 Things To Keep With You At All Times During This Flu Season


With cool weather comes sneezing, coughing, and the dreaded runny nose. In other words? The flu! October to November are popular months for people to catch the influenza virus, which is why it’s important to armor up! Don’t let the flu keep you from enjoying the winter season. Keep these 12 items with you to help you stay healthy:

Hand Sanitizer

An absolute must! Hand sanitizer is something you should have with you at all times. This anti-bacterial solution in hand sanitizer is a game changer. Besides getting rid of the bacteria on your hands, it’s efficient and requires less time than going to the bathroom to wash your hands. The only issue with sanitizer is that it can be a little drying so try to find one with aloe vera — aloe will help moisturize and keep your hands smooth!

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