10 Coffee Shops Around The World You Need To Visit Before You Die


Have you ever wondered why it seems like there’s a Starbucks on every corner?

It’s because we live in a world where people need coffee to survive. It’s not just you — most of us are caffeine addicts, too.

Which is why there are so many coffee shops all over the world. And while most coffee spots are special and unique in their own way, some are definitely better than others.

Here’s a list of the best coffee shops (don’t worry, this list doesn’t include Starbucks) all around the world that you should visit before you die. Go ahead and add these 10 spots to your bucket list:

The Wormhole Coffee

Location: Chicago, Illinois  

Chicago is known for its sensational restaurant and bars, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in cool coffee shops. The Wormhole Coffee is an 80s themed coffee shop with an incredibly cozy atmosphere. Located on Milwaukee Avenue, this place is fun and relaxed with baristas who actually believe in their craft.

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